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Photography Lesson

Photo Tips for the Newbies
All photos taken by Joy Singleton at Limestone College
1. Lighting (Contrast)  When taking photos, look for spots that have contrast in lighting so that your photo has a good amount of highlights and shadows to work with. Try not to have too bright of highlights though, because your camera will lose information in bright spots. You can always recover from shadows. 
2. Balance Make sure your photo has some kind of balance, weather it be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Having balance makes your photo feel more meaningful in composition. This photo has symmetrical balance. 
3. Line  Having lines help to lead the eye through photo. The photo on the left has diagonal lines that lead your eye back to the horizon line of and back down to the other lines. 
4. Rule of Thirds 
The rule of thirds is when you use lines that separate your photo in thirds horizontally and vertically. You can use those lines or the points where they meet. In this photo I lined the horizon line and the…

Lipstick Magazine Ad

For this project I recreated a magazine ad, and I was inspired by the "Estee Lauder" ad in the magazine "Glamour". I used free images off of the site Pexels. 
I recreated the ad by coming up with my own lipstick brand named "jolie" which means pretty in French. I named the lipstick "Rouge" with means red in French. 

The images used were "Close-up Photo of Smiling Woman with Her Eyes Closed Posing As Confetti Drops Down Her Face" by Adrienne Andersen and "Red Lipstick" by 

Free Photos of Fun

Here are some super cool free stock photos I found by searching the word fun!
Title: Games Children Child Girl Toys Artist: Design_Miss_C License: Pixabay
Title: Girl Playing with Bubbles Artist: Alexander Dummer License: Pexels
Title: Paper Mache Free Photo Artist: Ryan McGuire  License: Gratisography
Title: Colorful Plastic Monkeys Artist: Park Troopers License: Unsplash
Title: Funfair Man Artist: Cristina Gottardi License: Lifeofpix

This image is from a single frame from the TV show "The Office" season one, episode one, copyright holder NBCUniversal Television Distribution. This image is being used for educational purposes on coyright usage in blogs, it will have no impact on the copyright holder.