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1. Page titles should be longer than 30 characters.
2. Page titles should be shorter than 60 characters.
3. Meta descriptions should be longer than 70 characters.
4. Meta descriptions should be shorter than 130 characters.
5. Make each title and description unique.
6. Titles and descriptions should summarize pages accurately.
7. They should include your unique selling points.
8. They should include "trigger" words.
9. They should be written for humans, not robots.

Artist Portfolio and Lesson Plans- J. Singleton
Joy Singleton's artist portfolio includes drawings, painting, ceramics, and others. Elementary art lesson plans available to view. Click to contact and learn more.
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Building Your Brand

Here are some questions to ask yourself to build your brand:

-How can social media influencer's help your company?
-How can you encourage advocates to review or interact with your brand?
-How can you reward your advocates for reviewing or sharing your content?

Plan of Attack:
-To build an advocacy I would like to start encouraging my audience to request what I do next, or have them comment what they like/dislike about my artwork.That creates conversation and interaction between my artwork and my audience. A great start is to have fellow student artist tagged in the content so that they are involved and are more likely to be active with my site. 

China's Ranking System

I read the Wired's article, Inside China's Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking, andLondon's Daily Mail article onChina's Dystopian Scorecard System

Daily Mails article talk about how that the episode from Black Mirror about dystopian scoring is coming to life in China, and is said to launch in 2020. China has set up systems and camera's to be able to track their citizens every move and action. They will be able to tell who is doing what. There systems include facial recognition, body scanning, and geo-tracking. With a fingerprint they could pull up every bit of history, including medical, educational, and financial.  

Wired's article started with how now a days we do everything with our mobile devices, such as paying bills on apps. It then went in to talk about how in China, there is a new system coming to be where you will be scored socially, kind of like you are with your credit score. There is a company called Ant Financial, similar to FICO, that will star…

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