Grade Defense

Why I think I deserve an A! For this class I have learned how to communicate in many different ways. I have also learned how to edit things to fit my style and brand. Last semester we created blogs and websites, and this semester I have changed what I original had to fit my style a little better. Website - I have added alot more content mostly in the portfolio  section. I have added alot of drawings , paintings , ceramics , and the videography . I have also updated my resume for others to see under my about me tab. Along with content I have changed the color scheme of some of the header back ground colors to either blue, red, or yellow, to match my brand colors. I have also changed the theme so instead of my name being right in the top middle with the tabs underneath, my name is to the left and the tabs to the right to give it a cleaner look.  Blog - I have also changed my blog theme to better match my website a little more a show my brand colors. I have made many post in res

Interactive Resume!

I had a lot of fun making this! Please make sure to click play and click everything! Click here to view it if you cant on my blog. 

Branded ThinkLink

I could not find a photo I liked for my branded thinklink so I drew my own! I really liked this idea because it reflects my brand as an artist. I tried to draw things that would relate to the links that I wanted. I linked my website, youtube channe, instagram, linkedin, blog, and my last thinklink. It is a really cool way to get people to click around to places that you are present at online.

Interactive Map

Check out my interactive map of Limestone here! Instead of doing a tour of Limestone itself I did a small tour of my experiences at Limestone.  It was super fun making this and I got to reminisce on old memories at Limestone. Finding music was interesting because you have to find the right sound to match that memory. OR View it on my website!

Updated Website and Resume

I have changed the style of my website and resume to a more simplified and clean version. I created my resume using The style gives more of the school teacher vibe I wanted in my creative resume. Please check them out! I do not have anything in the lesson plan of my website yet, but hopefully I will next semester! I got cut short on my teaching job sadly because of Covid-19.

Humans Fall Flat Video Project

I created this video with my boyfriend and our friend. The game is Humans Fall Flat and the video platform it was recorded on was Discord.

Links For Addresses I will be doing 301 N. Limestone Street and 423 N. Limestone Street   301 is currently Zakarys Coffee Shop and 423 is the Cherokee Chronicle